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How It Works:

  • Good-bye lotion. Hello pure skin joy.
  • Experience the concentrated goodness of plant-based oils.
  • No water, no fillers, no preservatives, your microbiome thanks you! Just nutrient-rich, non-greasy, supernatural ingredients to nourish and soften, transporting your skin to a happy place.
  • Skin barrier body mist.


Daily support for resilient skin. Your skin is face to face with the elements.  Backed by science, Hume’s custom blend of plant-based oils will bring your skin’s lipid layer back to life. Nutrient-rich and microbiome approved, you won’t find any water, fillers or preservatives in here. Transport your skin to its happy place.


Smell Happy: 

  • Amber Woods - Smooth, warm tones of amber, rich vanilla will transport you. Deep in the woods. Warming your hands by the fire. Cuddled up to the ones you love. Amber Woods is here to upgrade your scent game. The perfect partner in crime. Accented by rich coconut cream and grounded by soft woods.
  • Desert Bloom - A crisp breeze of desert agave wraps through the neroli citrus and finishes with a clean and fresh note of prickly pear. You may pass a stranger, mistakingly complimenting them without realizing you just got a whiff of your own angelic pits. Woman, man, and all in between, this is for everyone. Made to be worn daily, the smell you will love smelling. Our unique odor-fighting formula stops B.O at the source so that you can go through your day confidently, smelling like sunshine.
  • Fragrance Free - When we say Fragrance Free, we mean it. Not even that unscented scented smell some brands use. Promise. Groundbreaking formula eliminates unwanted body odor leaving you smelling like nothing at all

Clean & Non-Toxic Body Mist - 3 Options

$28.95 Regular Price
$21.72Sale Price

5 Year Anniversary Sale

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