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What is the 5C all about

Mission Statement

As a family and team we collectively stand by the standards

that we want to represent, both in our own personal lives as

well as in our businesses. Join us by sharing our values as 

your own and proudly support and wear the 5C logo knowing

together we can all make a difference in this world.

The 5C Team

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Who are we??


Meet this crazy crew. Family has a special ring to it for Randy and Monica, ever since they lost their son at the very young age of just under 3 months. With many years of marriage under their belt, they have had their share of struggles along the way. What makes this family unique is their strong sense of family identity that has allowed them to come out of each struggle stronger. Their value of time together is priceless because they know that life can change instantly and continue to make every effort to be as close as they can, as each couple makes their way through life separately.

The individuals that make up our crew:

Nov 2020.jpg
Daniel and Jorden Anderson

Currently being revised due to new life events. Stay tuned...

Family Nov 2021.jpg
Brady and Kasey Myers

Currently being revised due to new life events. Stay tuned...

Randy and Monica Coffman 

Randy and Monica have been through it all. From getting married at just 19 years old in 1992, to losing their second born Curtis, to watching their two girls grow into the individual women they are today. This family has been put through thick and thin and in the end always find comfort in each other. This business has always been a dream of Monica's for as long as she can remember. It was made true after she left the insurance industry after 15 years and took a complete leap of faith with this business. Monica's hope is that this small family business will open the door for them to touch the lives of many.

In 2019, Monica branched off and opened a retail location in Winnsboro Texas where she does business as 5C Home Store. Even as COVID arrived within her first year of business, she is still there holding her ground. Be sure to stop by if you are in the area. As they come into the fifth year of business in 2022, they have some new and upcoming services to bring to their current and new clients.


 5C Custom Creations, is more than just a business name, it represents new beginnings, life events, family, community, gratitude and inspiration.

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