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When your little one starts to take off, take extra steps to protect them from the sharp corners of household furniture with Nuby’s Foam Sets. The Corner set includes 8 soft, foam corner coverings and double-stick adhesive tape. The Straight set includes 4 pieces of 18-inch foam edge coverings and double-stick adhesive tape. Easy to install and to remove, the Nuby Foam Corner Cushion Set works on most tables, shelves, and counters and can be used with Nuby’s Foam Straight Edge Set.



  • Make home even safer for your little one.
  • With Nuby’s Foam Corner Cushion Set you can protect your child from unnecessary bumps and bruises.
  • Made of soft cushiony materials, the cushion set offers protection from hard edges.
  • Designed to fit most tables, shelves and counters!
  • The set is easy to install and easy to remove when it’s no longer needed.
  • Rest assured that you’re providing reliable protection for your little one.

Foam Cushion Sets - 2 Options

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