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The ultra-lightweight baby bib for an enjoyable mealtime


Made with protech waterproof fabric, the presto waterproof bib repels water and prevents stains, protecting your little one during mealtimes. It is lightweight, foldable, and machine washable, making it the perfect mealtime essential for modern families.


*suitable for 6-36 months

*made for baby boys and baby girls


For Weaning and Self-Feeding

The presto waterproof bib is a great starter bib for your toddler to learn to wean or self-feed. The strong hook and loop hold the bib in place without falling.


For Feeding

This ultra-lightweight and waterproof bib covers your baby's chest and shoulders, preventing them from getting soiled.


For Snacking

The wide food catcher pocket is great for catching food crumbs and makes a great snack pocket for your active toddler.

Presto Waterproof Bibs 3/Pk

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