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Sophia Gets a Bible follows 6-year-old Sophia as she has a fun day with her grandmother. 


When Sophia’s grandmother comes to the house one day, she carries a beautiful yet mysterious present. Sophia eyes the present all day with great curiosity, wondering what could be inside. When the time finally arrives to open the gift, Sophia is delighted to discover that it is her very first Bible! 


Through cute rhythms and rhymes, Sophia’s grandmother introduces Sophia to the Bible, sharing what the Bible is and how to read it. She also tells the big-picture story of the Bible and how meaningful the Bible has been in her own life.


Children ages 2 and up will love this beautifully illustrated and engaging story. Parents will appreciate its theologically rich and thoughtful introduction to the Bible.


See the rest of the Sophia series: Sophia Shares Her Hope and Sophia Learns to Pray.

Sophia Gets A Bible

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